Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

The source of energy we all should be using is

Renewable Energy Systems

Solar Photovoltaic PV are Exceptional Solar panels

Renewable Energy Systems such as Solar photovoltaic (PV) is quickly becoming the renewable energy of choice around the globe due mainly to the reduction in cost of solar systems and the near zero cost in maintaining them over their life cycle.

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Battery Storage

Battery storage reduces your usage of grid power, benefits include:

  • Reduced Costs with reduced exposure to peak demand periods

  • Increased resilience and can be designed as a back up supply during grid outages

  • Provides a backup system for grid breakdowns

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is using less energy to complete the same task or service.
Therefore, by installing newer more efficient appliances or lighting in your home or business could reduce energy consumption by up to 70%



Heat Pumps

Air to Water

Increase your energy efficiency, while keeping your existing radiators. While you save money keeping your existing heating technology inside the house the new technology works hard outside the home to deliver fast reliable heat to your home safely and efficiently. Therefore, you will have money by not having to pay the increasing prices for home heating oil.

How it works

An Aquarea air source Heat Pump circulates fresh air and passes it over refrigerant-filled coils (like a refrigerator). The captured heat is automatically transferred to water, which is then ready for use in your heating system and for supplying all of your domestic hot water needs. As a result, Panasonic’s latest technology offers you a sustainable alternative to oil, LPG and electric heating systems.

Smart Systems

Air-to-water high temperature heat pumps are ideal for renovations and replacing old boilers.
Panasonic has created Aquarea, an innovative new, low-energy system, designed to help you enjoy ideal temperatures and hot water in your home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. An Aquarea air source heat pump captures fresh air to cool or heat the property to ensure maximum comfort.

Aquarea is far cleaner, safer, cheaper and environmentally friendly than alternatives using gas, oil and other electrical systems. One outdoor unit, which may be reinforced by solar panels, heats the water for home use and for the radiators or radiant floor. The system can also be retrofitted to the central heating system to reduce installation costs. It is the most innovative option for complete retrofits and for new builds.

Why Air Source Heat Pumps?

  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water produced with a single system

  • Best in terms of efficiency: even at extreme outdoor temperatures

  •  Environmentally friendly: can be connected to solar panels

  • Technology that adapts to each home: extreme low temp, high temperature, whatever the climate

  • Wide range of solutions: floor heating, radiators and fan coils

  • Reduced heating bills and maintenance costs

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  •  Simple to integrate into existing heating systems

  • Energy efficient alternative to oil, LPG and electric systems

  • Ideal for properties without access to mains gas

  • Externally positioned saving valuable internal living space

Electrical Services


We provide our clients with bespoke electrical services from the planning stage of their project right through to the day they move in to their new home. We also provide basic electrical services such as lighting upgrades and extra power points to existing homes.


We can provide an out of hours service to our new and existing commercial customers so their business can run smoothly during opening hours. A breakdown or general maintenance service can be organised on an ongoing basis if required.


A farmers job is never done for this reason we decided to create an out of hours service for farmers that may need emergency electrical work done at night or on weekends

General Electrical Services

If you have a project in mind and require a professional opinion of how to move it forward we can help you do this. Just call us today and we can discuss how to help you achieve your plans.

If you are interested in converting your home to renewable energy call today

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